Health and Beauty

Here is why you should be sun smart this summer

According to the Cancer Association of South Africa, approximately 20 000 South Africans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. This is a fact that many South Africans, especially black South Africans, might not be aware of or take seriously.
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Mmmm … Magical Mango lunchbox

There’s little more frustrating for moms than school lunches. Just when you thought you’ve nailed it, that particular sarmie or snack isn’t the flavour of the day anymore. As a parent you want to keep the kids interested and enticed while still keeping their school meal healthy, colourful and tasty.
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He is going to be a big brother!

Five-year-old Ethan is going to be a big brother and he couldn’t be happier. So cute!
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Moroccan chicken salad

Flavourful and summery, this salad is sure to be a hit with the family!
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VIDEO: 10 Minute ball workout!

Skip the hour long gym session – this 10 minute exercise is easy enough for absolutely everyone!
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What you need to know: Harmful UV-rays and your child

During the December holidays children spend most of their time playing outdoors.
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Protect your eyes from UV exposure

Here are some tips to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays this holiday season:
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Don’t let the holiday destroy a healthy routine

The holidays are around the corner and we’ll soon be emancipated from our harrowing daily routines. Glorious! Except, our efforts in the gym run the risk of being sabotaged by too much good living. Fret not! Read on to discover how you can stay healthy and fit while enjoying all the fun of a holiday too …
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Willpower strategies to survive the holidays

It is the time of year that we cut back on our daily routines and enjoy the great cooking and holiday treats with friends and family.
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