Décor & Gardening

Top tips to prepare your garden for Spring

Winter is normally a quiet time in the garden but it won’t be long before spring arrives and you’ll be caught up in the frenzy of seed-sowing, growing, and nurturing your garden as it comes to life!
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Decorating tips to make any room look better

There are no “rules” when it comes to interior design. There are just some rough principles that guide us to ensure a great result every time. These are not tricks or skills that will take you years to master, anyone can do them. Consider these tips
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How colours can affect your mood

We really believe in the positive power of colour and the important role it plays on how we work, feel, eat and play.
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Gardening hacks we could all use

Spring is almost on our doorstep, and when it arrives, it means it’s time to get out in the garden. Here are a handful of cost effective and simple gardening hacks to help make things a bit easier for you
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Fall in love with Sacred Bamboo

Grow some Nandina in your garden. Strikingly architectural and modern or soft and tropical make this a very versatile shrub that will suit any garden style.
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City dwellers, plant your own herb garden

Planting your own herb garden fosters sustainable eating habits and eliminates waste that occurs when you throw out herbs that go bad in your fridge.
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Light your dining room right

Getting the design and look of your dining room just right has a huge influence on the functionality of this home entertainment area.
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Composting with leaves

With winter, comes an abundance of leaves which we inevitably end up raking into refuse bags for the municipality to collect. In anticipation of spring, why not recycle those fallen fronds and create nutrient rich compost for your garden?
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Eight popular vanity trends

Give your bathroom some updated style by adding a new bathroom vanity. Blanche Burger, from Bathroom Bizarre shares some of the latest trends in the world of bathroom vanities.
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Your kids’ space

Whether it is deciding on beautiful décor for your baby’s nursery or revamping your child’s bedroom, there are loads of storage and DIY solutions and trends to look out for.
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