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Benoni Eye Institute brings new vision to Ekurhuleni

Benoni Eye Institute brings new vision to Ekurhuleni

Patients at the facility can look forward to royal treatment, thanks to the facility’s commitment to excellence.

Last Wednesday marked the opening of the Benoni Eye Institute. The event was well attended and the grand opening was welcomed not only by everyone present, but by stakeholders covering the spectrum from referring physicians and specialists to the large potential local customer base.

In his welcoming address, Jake Scholtemeyer, Benoni Eye Institute CEO, spoke eloquently and humorously about Benoni, pointing out that the city may well have, quite literally, more to it than meets the eye. Quoting Wikipedia, he told the audience that Benoni boasts, amongst other things, not only exceptional numbers of horse stables, schools and lakes, but also celebrities such as Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron.

Scholtemeyer said that while the opening of an eye clinic was not per se a glamorous occasion, patients at the facility could look forward to royal treatment, thanks to the Pretoria Eye Institute’s sterling reputation and backup, as well as the new Benoni facility’s commitment to excellence. “Talking about the Pretoria Eye Institute’s footprint, we have enormous shoes to fill,” he said. “But thanks to their generous assistance at every level and our commitment to live up to their legend and our own expectations, we are more than ready.”

Like its sister company, the Benoni Eye Institute offers a complete range of eye care services, including eye exams, vision testing for glasses and contacts, all Laser Lasik, cornea and glaucoma and laser cataract surgeries, as well as brow lift services. This is made possible, said Scholtemeyer, by the latest in medical technology in all aspects of eye care, underpinned by the Eye Institute’s commitment to taking care of patients’ precious eyesight.

When it comes to eye specialists, Scholtemeyer added, the Benoni Eye Institute is and has just what the doctor ordered. “There are four ophthalmologists at the Benoni Eye Institute, covering all of the fields in medical and surgical ophthalmology,” he said, “including highly esteemed specialists and leaders in the field such as Dr Cor van Zyl, Dr Nilesh Dahya and Dr Charl Weitz.”

Jakes Scholtemeyer.

Doctors Cor van Zyl, Nilesh Dahya and Charl Weitz.


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