Get ready to be held captive in 10×10

Get ready to be held captive in 10×10

There is no escape.

DVD: 10×10

Runtime: 83 minutes

Age restriction: 16 LV

Reviewed by: Gareth Drawbridge

Review made possible by: Empire Entertainment

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”

While this quote is attributed to French dramatist and playwright Jean Racine, it accurately describes the terrifying reality Cathy (Kelly Reilly) faces in the thriller 10×10.

Having moved on with her life, Cathy appears to be a confident young woman who does yoga and is about to open her own flower business. On the surface it seems she has nothing to worry about and Cathy goes through her days unaware of the mysterious stranger (Luke Evans) who is watching her every move.

Thinking she has escaped her past, Cathy is caught completely off guard when the stranger strikes and abducts her from a parking lot in broad daylight.

Placing her in the boot of his car, the stranger takes her to his home, a stylish, upmarket abode where he imprisons her in a padded, soundproofed 10×10 feet room.

Here a drawn-out game of cat and mouse begins with Lewis, the captor, first demanding to know Cathy’s real name.

Reluctant to reveal her true identity, Cathy refuses and fights back in an attempt to escape. However, Lewis is not prepared to let her get away that easy – at least not until he has extracted the dark secret from her past.

Directed by Suzi Ewing, 10×10 is a slow-paced thriller which manages to hold the audience captive by not revealing Lewis’ motive for keeping Cathy prisoner until midway through the film.

Despite having a thin plot, there are a couple of twists and as the film continues to roll and more of the characters’ backstories are revealed, it is up to the audience to decide who the real victim is.

10×10 is now available on DVD.

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