Lolita’s touch

Lolita’s touch

The talented Lolita is not only responsible for decorating her home, but she is also the creator of the majority of decorations.

Walking into Lolita Reineke’s Edenvale home through her impressive sleeper front door is a jaw- dropping experience.

Your eyes feast on a drop-dead-gorgeous interior, stunning enough to be featured on Top Billing!

Hues of blue and grey feature throughout her home.  Masterfully revamped antique furniture form conversation pieces in every room.  And stunning works of art adorn her walls. Lolita has created a home with an ambiance of harmony and tranquillity… a space where she  finds peace and inspiration.

Lolita’s impressive front door.  It’s made made from sleeper wood, bolts from railway sleepers (each one has the SAR stamp on and the date it was made) and stained glass.

The talented Lolita is not only responsible for decorating her home, but she is also the creator of the majority of decorations: Wall decorations, paintings, revamped furniture, lamp shades, pewter art … too many to mention.  Her artworks are displayed throughout her home … on the walls and on the tables and her skills and talents are noticeable in all her beautifully revamped furniture

Her stunning bedroom! Lolita designed the bedside tables as they are not a standard size. She had them made, then painted them, put embellishments and crystal handles on and did stencils on the top.

Lolita retired five years ago, after working in a man’s world at Bearing Man for many years. She decided to follow her passion for decoration, art, pewter work and colour.

“I did a diploma in interior decorating while I was still working. I have always done part time interior decorating and art for people but it has become a full-time job for the past four years,” she says.

Lolita is a perfect example of never giving up on one’s dream. She is a beautiful woman who lives her life to the full because of her passion.  She loves every moment of what she does and loves to see how people enjoy their space after it has been decorated.

Apart from interior decorating, Lolita also gives classes in art, pewter, mosaic and paint techniques. Get in touch with her on 082 467 5536.

An old table that Lolita revamped and used a piece of lace to spray paint the pattern on the top.

Pretty coffee, tea and sugar containers, decorated with pewter labels and crystal knobs.

One of Lolita’s masterpieces… She designed this awesome metal ring and pine lamp. The rings have holes from where the embellished chains are hanging.

Most common mistakes made by homeowners

People are conservative and hesitant to embrace new colour.  Try to get them to see the room in a different colour. With their existing stuff being revamped and small changes made it can make all the difference. We must also keep in mind that the client must be happy with the changes.

Advice for aspiring interior decorators

Listen to people and see how they use the space before you make any suggestions. Find out what they don’t like.  What do they want to use the space for?  Do they already have a picture of what they want in their heads? Do mood boards and examples for clients to enable them to visualize your ideas.

Trends for this year

Natural wood, painted old furniture, plants (succulents are trendy at the moment), copper and gold items with great texture. Colours that are trending are greens, blues, teal, grey and metal.

Lolita decorated this pine door which is now a conversation point in her house. She used paint effects, stencils, decoupage and pewter embellishments to decorate the door.

An old chair that has been beautifully revamped! 

Lolita made this stunning decoration from ribbon and flowers which is hanging in her bedroom.




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