If you can’t beat the house…be The House

If you can’t beat the house…be The House

The stakes are high in this outrageous, light-hearted comedy.

DVD: The House

Runtime: 85 minutes

Age restriction: 16DVL

Special Features: Gag reel

Reviewed by: Gareth Drawbridge

Review made possible by: Times New Media

Parents generally want the best for their children. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to give them the world on a silver platter, especially in these difficult economic times.

For doting, over-protective parents Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate Johansen (Amy Poehler), the dream of sending their daughter Alex (Ryan Simpkins) to college is shattered when the town revokes its scholarship programme in favour of using the funds to build a new pool.

Fearing that without a college education their daughter will end up going to ‘the school of hard knocks’ and become a ‘homeless prostitute’, Scott and Kate embark on a mission to get funding for Alex’s tuition. Unfortunately, their application for a loan is rejected, Scott’s urgent plea for a raise is shot down and Kates attempt to play the emotional blackmail card is dismissed with hilarious results.

With nothing left to lose, Scott and Kate team up with their good friend Frank (Jason Mantzoukas) and the trio open up a Vegas-style casino, complete with sports betting and a stand-up comedy stage.

Despite being an illegal operation, the risky gamble soon pays off and the money starts rolling in. However, aside from attracting high rollers, the underground casino also draws unwanted attention from the local mob outfit, police officer Chandler (Rob Huebel) and a crooked town councillor, Bob Schaeffer (Nick Kroll).

Blinded by their winning streak and believing the hype that they are untouchable, Scott, Kate and Frank continue to rake in the money. Unfortunately, as the stakes get higher and the odds begin to get stacked against them, the trio, like all desperate gamblers, risk losing it all.

Directed by Andrew J Cohen, The House is a typical Will Ferrell-style comedy – light-hearted and slightly outrageous.

The film is peppered with some humorous moments, but it might not be a winning hand for everyone. For viewers who are not fans of Ferrell, this film is a bit of a gamble and you might want to try your luck with another comedy instead.

The House is now available on DVD.

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