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Winter clothes – packed away for another day

Winter clothes – packed away for another day

Spring is here so it is time to switch from your winter wardrobe to your summer one. But before you do, it’s important to make sure your winter clothes are stored away correctly.

The sun is starting to come up a little earlier, and the days are stretching out a little longer, which means that spring is on its way. No more warm coats, long boots and scarves; it is time to pack away your winter clothes and bring out the bright colours of spring.

“There is nothing more enjoyable than packing away all your heavy, layered clothes, and replacing them with something light and fresh,” says Sarah Webb, from Personal Touch, “But, it is important to remember that when packing your winter clothes away, you must take care in making sure that they are correctly packed away so as to avoid damage.”

Webb  provides five tips on how to make sure that your winter clothes are stored away correctly, so as to be in perfect condition for next winter:

  1. Before you pack away your clothes make sure they are clean. Moths are attracted to everyday scents, and if your clothes are not clean you will be sure to find them damaged when unpacking them.
  2. When packing away your jerseys and even your coats, try to avoid hanging them up as they can lose their shape over the long summer months, leaving you with nothing to wear when winter comes around again.
  3. Sort through your clothes prior to packing them away. Over the winter season some of your clothes might have seen their last winter. Go through everything and decide what you need to get rid of – this will also create more space when packing everything away.
  4. Store your favourite items of winter clothing at the top. This comes in handy if the temperature does become colder so as not to find yourself with nothing to wear.
  5. Place a Personal Touch refill with your clothes when packing them away, to give them that just washed smell.

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