In focus: The Benoni Camera Club

In focus: The Benoni Camera Club

Join the members of the Benoni Camera Club and share their passion for photography.

According to the age-old saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words”.

Well the members of the Benoni Camera Club certainly agree with this statement and that is why, every month, they congregate at the Northfield Methodist Church, in Northmead, Benoni, where they share their passion for photography.

Originally established in the late 1950’s, the club has grown considerably over the years and now has between 45 and 60 dedicated members. One of the clubs longest serving affiliates is Amy Ansell, who has been with the club for 50 years and is a real pleasure to talk to.

The main focus of the Benoni Camera Club is to promote all aspects of photography and to assist, encourage and educate budding photographers.

The club meets at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month. At each meeting there is a guest lecturer who gives a presentation on a different topic related to photography. Following this, the lecturer will then grade photos submitted by members of the club.

Aside from meeting once a month, the members also take part in workshops, inter-club competitions and go on outings to interesting places so they can further develop their skills by photographing different subjects under varying conditions. One of the club’s most recent trips was to Magaliesberg, where they spent the day shooting trains and cars.

The Benoni Camera Club is open to all members of the community who are interested in developing their skills in the art of photography. The club’s membership is quite diverse and each photographer has different interests and levels of experience which they can share with beginners.

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* Standing in front of the lens instead of behind it. Seen here are some of the committee members of the Benoni Camera Club. They are: Peta Quabeck (left), Julie Rochford, Amy Ansell, Shane Else, Ann McClelland and Sally Matthee.

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