Get ready to go wild at this year’s Office Christmas Party

Get ready to go wild at this year’s Office Christmas Party

Time to party like your job depends on it.

DVD: Office Christmas Party

Runtime: 105 minutes

Age restriction: 16L

Reviewed by: Gareth Drawbridge

Review made possible by: Times New Media

Dancing on tables, horrendous karaoke singing, running naked through the building, the odd drunken hook-up – isn’t that what end of year functions are all about?

Well, that’s exactly what the staff at the Chicago branch of Zenotek seem to think and, as a result, they plan to go all out in the outrageous comedy Office Christmas Party.

After examining the financial reports for her company, uptight Zanotek CEO, Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston), pays a visit to the Chicago base of operations which is managed by her brother, Clay (T.J Miller). Here Carol reads the riot act and, aside from threatening to close down the branch entirely, she orders Clay to cancel Christmas bonuses and lay off 40 per cent of the staff. Then, as one last spiteful act, Carol cancels the office Christmas party.

Unwilling to let his staff lose their jobs, Clay and the chief technical officer Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) devise an insane scheme to save the company.

The plan? Impress a rich client, namely Walter Davis (Courtney B Vance), to sign a contract with them.

And how do they plan to influence his decision? By throwing the wildest office Christmas party ever.

Of course, things never work out exactly how you plan them and once the party starts, things soon get completely out of control.

Office Christmas Party is a hilarious comedy packed with insane antics and mayhem. If you have had a bad week at work or are simply looking to chase away the winter blues, this one is definitely for you.

Office Christmas Party is available on DVD.

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