Embark on an exciting animated adventure with Robinson Crusoe

Embark on an exciting animated adventure with Robinson Crusoe

An entirely different spin is put on the classic story of Robinson Crusoe in this delightful animated adventure.

DVD: Robinson Crusoe

Runtime: 87 minutes

Age restriction: PG

Reviewed by: Gareth Drawbridge

Review made possible by: Times New Media

Avid readers and film goers are probably already familiar with Daniel Defoe’s classic tale Robinson Crusoe – the adventures of a young man marooned on an island.

However, in this new and exciting animated feature, viewers will see a completely different version of events – told from the animals’ perspective.

Mak, a Scarlet Macaw, lives in harmony on an exotic island, surrounded by his close friends. Despite the beautiful landscape and the abundance of fresh fruit, Mak is bored and dreams of exploring the world, much to the chagrin of the other animals.

Things soon change for the island dwellers when they wake up one morning and discover Robinson Crusoe and his pet dog, Aynsley, who were washed ashore during the night, after being shipwrecked.

Although a little unsure what kind of creatures Crusoe and his canine companion are, the island animals soon put their reservations aside and, after realizing just how clueless Crusoe is, they assist him with building a shelter and finding fresh water.

Soon new friendships are formed, but, just as Crusoe and his friends are enjoying their lives together, a clutter of cats – headed by the devious Mel and May – emerge and threaten to destroy the island paradise which has been created.

Matters soon become even more complicated when a ship of bloodthirsty pirates sails on the horizon.

Although the film deviates considerably from the original storyline, this animated adventure will definitely appeal to younger audiences.

Robinson Crusoe is available on DVD.

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