No more lost property

No more lost property

Lost your car keys. Left your cellphone in the taxi. Or your passport on the plane. Our worst nightmare … and it happens to us all the time.

So often a good Samaritan will find your lost property, and hand it in at a police station and a lost-property office. But unless you can remember exactly where you lost your keys, it doesn’t really help. Which is why we’re so excited about HomingPIN … a way to get your lost property back, quickly and easily.

How does it work? HomingPIN offers baggage loops with tags, key rings and stickers that have a unique identification number on them. You simply activate this number online before using the tag, and it’s linked to your email address and cellphone number. If someone finds a cellphone, keys, baggage, or any other item that has a HomingPIN tag on it, they can easily notify the owner by visiting You’re noted by SMS and email, contact the finder and arrange to collect. It’s quite safe, the finder isn’t given your details, you have to ring them. And the system works world wide, so perfect for your luggage when you’re travelling

HomingPIN (Custom)

HomingPIN starter packs start at around R200, and the standard pack are R450. You’ll find them at  Cape Union Mart Stores and online at


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