Pure, refreshing water – the ancient way

Pure, refreshing water – the ancient way

Many people doubt whether their tap water is always as healthful as water should be, and we generally look to filtering systems, that involve a lot of plastics, to help us to avoid chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and fertilisers, and metals, like lead, copper and aluminium.

However, with the recent launch of activated charcoal in South Africa, we can now revive an ancient Japanese water purifying technique in our homes, which naturally, easily and economically transforms tap water through a 100% natural purification process.

Kuro-Bo Activated Charcoal is specially crafted using the Binchotan method, a process of forming microporous hardwood charcoal that has been used for centuries in Japan to soften water and enrich it with essential trace elements, such as calcium and magnesium, while drawing out harmful chemicals and metals and binding them fast. The result is naturally purified water that is enriched with minerals, delicious and refreshing.

It comes in hand-cut sticks that are quickly activated through 10-minute boiling before each one is added to a minimum of two litres of tap water daily. The water can be kept in the fridge or on the kitchen counter for three hours or more to enable the charcoal stick to do its purifying work. All toxins are bound to the charcoal stick, while calcium and magnesium enrich the water and improve taste. An activated charcoal stick can last for three months, and after that, in line with its green credentials, there are a number of innovative and beneficial ways to recycle the charcoal, including using it for air purification and humidification or as a biochar.

The product is currently at Faithful to Nature or for online purchase.

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