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Top tips for Spring garden

Top tips for Spring garden

With a wealth of experience in creating extraordinary forests that are home to an abundance of thriving species of plant and wildlife, former curator of the Durban Botanic Gardens and a member of the team responsible for creating the new Singapore botanical gardens, Christopher Dalzell, offers some advice to help gardening novices shape up their gardens for spring.

1. Prune back many of your shrubs that would have flowered in the winter months. Reduce the size of the shrubs to a third of their size and remove any dead or diseased branches and leaves. Plants to prune include; Leonotis leonoris (Wild Dagga), Hypoestes aristata (Ribbon Bush), Tecoma capensis (Cape Honey suckle) and plectranthus ecklonii (large spur flower).
2. Improve the quality of your soil by adding lots of organic matter in the form of compost. Turn the compost into the soil and add some Superphosphates which improve and strengthen the root system of your plants. Healthy roots mean healthy plants.
3. Repot all your pot plants. Remove the plant from the pot, remove as much of the old medium from around the roots, wash any excess soil off the roots and remove any dead or dying leaves. Take your new soil mix and replant the pot plant into this new medium. Make sure the plant is not planted too deep in the pot as this will rot the plant. Add some slow release osmocote fertilizer to the medium and water well. Water every three to five days.

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