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Top tips to prepare your garden for Spring

Top tips to prepare your garden for Spring

Winter is normally a quiet time in the garden but it won’t be long before spring arrives and you’ll be caught up in the frenzy of seed-sowing, growing, and nurturing your garden as it comes to life!

Order summer flowering bulbs and seeds

This is the perfect task for a wet and windy day! Summer flowering bulbs such as lilies can be planted in early spring for a colourful summer display.

Clear up flower beds

Have a general tidy up and remove leaves and other debris from your flower beds, lawns and pongs. You can cut back the old growth of grasses and herbaceous perennials now, if you would like to be wildlife friends then leave this tidy up until early spring.

Hunt down garden pests

Hunting down and removing hibernating pests can save a lot of trouble come spring and summer. Take a closer look at the crowns of your perennial plants and you may find slugs, snails and aphid colonies sheltering for the winter.

Fix fences, gates and trellis

Although its cold outside, this is the ideal time of year to get those small jobs out of the way. Any broken structures or tools are best to be fixed now so you have more time to spend in the garden during spring and summer. Treat your wooden garden structures with a wood preservative during dry periods.

Clean your gardening tools

Give your tools a clean and a sharpen! Caring for your tools not only helps to perserve them but it saves you money in the long run and helps to prevent the spread of disease. Sharpening your tools will also improve their performance, they’ll be easier to work with and will give cleaner pruning cuts.

Create a composting area

If you have not done this already, then try setting up a compost area in your garden. This could be a ready made compost bin or you could build one yourself using spare bits of wood. Not only will you have somewhere to put your garden waste but your plants will benefit from the rich compost created when it all breaks down. To help the process along you will need to turn your compost with a garden fork monthly

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