Tips for nervous flyers

Tips for nervous flyers

Are you planning a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day but the thought of flying has your palms sweaty? We have some tips…


You are not alone. Research shows that 25% of travellers experience fear when flying and 1 in 10 have a serious phobia. Wise up on your aircraft knowledge and take charge of those anxieties.


  •  Aircraft are intended to be in the air. It is an environment for which they are designed.
  •  It is the wings that enable the aircraft to fly, not the engines. A commercial aircraft flying at 30 000 feet can glide for 160km.
  •  Commercial aircraft are well maintained. Pilots and engineers carry out checks before every flight. Routine maintenance is conducted at regular, specified intervals by licenced engineers.
  • Trust the crew. Pilots are the most highly trained and tested profession on earth.
  • Turbulence is uncomfortable but never dangerous. It is a perfectly normal part of flying.
  • Reassure yourself no matter how bad the weather, the flight crew will always carefully consider the options. Safety is their top priority. They also have families and loved ones who have every expectation they’ll return home from work safely.
  • Air traffic controllers are trained, licenced professionals, who operate according to a very strict set of rules. All pilots must abide by the rules of the air.
  • Control your breathing. When you feel anxious hold your breath, then take a long, deep breath in, followed by a deep breath out. Continue long, deep breathing.


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